Coherence of Ideas and Principles

About ten years ago I gave an interview to a television program with a large audience. There were four blocks in which I was asked about various points about the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB), Confederations and Athletes. The day before yesterday I reviewed the program, available on Youtube.

It drew my attention that, at that time, I already defended the same ideas that today are included in our POSITIVE AGENDA FOR COB. I argued that Confederations that received less should receive more resources from the LAP. And if that didn’t happen, the gap between the richest and the poorest sports would increase. This has in fact occurred and, therefore, it is the central commitment of our POSITIVE AGENDA to significantly expand transfers to the modalities, to equalize the floor of all and give more to those in need. The proposal is to give financial autonomy to the Confederations, for the benefit of the Athletes. Likewise, our POSITIVE AGENDA contemplates that the resources that may not be used by a Confederation in one year, remain at their disposal in the following year.

There is no such thing as “big sport” versus “small sport”. There is simply Sport. And everyone must be respected and supported.

It is not enough to change people and stay with the same methods. It is necessary to innovate methods and people.

We have a POSITIVE AGENDA that will strengthen sport and Athletes. Which are the bases for strengthening the Olympic Movement and recovering its credibility.

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