IOC Should Cancel Carlos Nuzman Olympic Merit.

IOC Should Cancel Carlos Nuzman’s Necklace of Olympic Merit.

By Alberto Murray.

When an athlete is caught doping, among other punishments, he is obliged to return his Olympic medal and loses Olympic medal status. His name is deleted from the records of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). In the past, for much more prosaic reasons, big names in the Olympic Games, accused of professionalism, had their medals and titles cancelled. Jim Thorpe is an iconic case. It took the IOC decades to restore this great athlete’s laurels.

Carlos Nuzman has been plundered in corruption, which is a subject as loathsome as doping. The former leader, expelled from the Olympic Movement, seriously tarnished the image of the Brazilian and international Olympic Movement. In Brazil (and in France it should be, in addition to other countries) Nuzman is being punished by civil and criminal justice.

As is the case with athletes caught doping, Carlos Nuzman should have officially revoked the merit collar, the highest award given by the IOC. This necklace is given to all those who presided over the organizing committees of the Olympic Games and to other dignitaries who contributed significantly to the world Olympism. In Brazil, Sylvio de Magalhães Padilha has this honor.

For those who have conquered this important award given by the IOC, it is not good to see that Carlos Nuzman, a character who dishonors the sport, remains the holder of the Olympic necklace. If doped athletes lose their medals, corrupt officials must lose their IOC decorations. It is a measure of justice.

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