Saquarema’s “Tax Haven” – Brazilian Volleyball Confederation

Police Operation Makes Search and Seizure at the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation and at the directors’ home. Ary Graça, president of the International Volleyball Federation is among them.
Many years ago I heard from the mouth of a member of Banco do Brasil, during some Olympic Games, the following sentence, referring to the sponsorship given to the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV):

”We know that we are stolen. But the sponsorship is still worth it. The image of the bank has been rejuvenated ”.

At the time, the subject was referring to issues related to television law contracts. Journalist José Cruz also reported in his UOL column that in 1.995 CBV had received from the Bank of Brazil (public money) about US $ 3.5 million to complete thirty-four stages of the male and female beach volleyball circuit. Only fourteen of each were made. And the money that should have been left over was never returned to the bank. The matter ended up in the Federal Audit Court (TCU). It came to nothing. The decision at TCU is 855/1997. Anyone who wants to understand why, read this link:

ESPN Brasil journalist Lúcio de Castro published the Volleyball Dossier, looking at the modus operandi of the sport’s administration. Read the article on the link:

It is always worth remembering that CBV has had the same political group in power for 46 years, when Carlos Nuzman (imprisoned in the Unfair Play operation and defenestrated the sport forever). Nor did the hereditary captaincies of the time of the Empire last so long in the hands of the same family. Therefore, it is natural that the visit that the Rio de Janeiro Police made this morning to the CBV headquarters and in the residence of some officers does not cause any surprise.

CBV made Saquarema its own “Tax Haven”, until then impunity, as if it could be above good and evil, living in a parallel world.

Today‘s police operation against the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation is yet another spike, whose ball hits the face of the sport that, if it had other leaders, would be much more successful.

I defend ethics in sport and I am proud that, with my competent Council Colleagues, I have worked and put into practice the first Code of Ethical Conduct for sport in the country, which was that of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB). It is a historical document. Just as I give an inestimable value to the honor that I was granted for having been the first chairman of the COB Ethics Council.

The investigative process of sports corruption has always fascinated me. Over many years, either through my own research (including outside Brazil) or through sources that trust me, I have gathered, perhaps, the largest documentary collection of badly done in the sport in recent decades. In respect of these sources, I do not disclose them. I only used them, even so in a confidential manner, in crucial moments of the national sport.

We continue to work for ethics in sport and carry on Olympic thinking.

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