The Right Decision That Hurts The Soul. By Alberto Murray Neto

The Right Decision That Hurts the Soul.

I read today that the Japanese government has hit the hammer and will not allow audiences from other countries to attend the Tokyo Olympics. It is the right decision. The preservation of life is a priority. And sport has to set an example, after all, it is a means of spreading health.

I confess that not going to the Olympic Games is something that hurts my soul. My life is linked to the Olympic Games. My references in time and space are based on the Olympic quadrennials. I don’t know what it is like to watch the Olympic Games on television. It will be the first time. Whoever is in the sport understands my feeling.

I believe in the Olympic beauty of Sport, generating and creating new energies, mindset and vision without limits, uniting people and giving them a condition of equality that no external element is capable of modifying, both in its social aspect, as well as in its material sense. .

Long live the Olympic Movement. In another three years, hopefully, we will be together again, celebrating peace through sport.

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