Proof of Enem, Rio 2016 and Dismateling of a Criminal Organization.

Proof of Enem, Rio 2.016 and the Dismantling of a Criminal Organization.

Contrary to the easy way, in the ten years leading up to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, I was a daily critic of that adventure. My critical notes started in the campaign, while I was still an elected member of the COB general assembly and remained after the city’s victory and preparation for the Olympic Games.

At no time did I hesitate to demonstrate, with data and facts, combined with my deep knowledge of the subject, that the Brazilian Olympic adventure was the personal project of a single malicious man, who convinced some powerful others and managed to carry it forward.

In ten years, I had enough time to write about everything I saw bad, from the lack of planning on what to do with those white elephants after the Games, to the suspicions of buying votes, to the clamorous overpricing of Olympic works. It’s all here, recorded in the history of this Blog.

Many people, even today, comment on the angry face, of few friends, of the IOC president, Jacques Rogge, on voting day and, especially, when he announced Rio’s victory. Jacques Rogge, whom I had known for years, companion of my grandfather at the IOC, a serious person, to whom I also sent a report of complaints (later published by the American press) knew perfectly well what was going on there. And he wasn’t happy at all.

Time showed that I was absolutely right. I got everything right. People who thought they were omnipotent were arrested and their careers ended in the worst possible way. The lack of planning showed that the built spaces, with very few exceptions, have become useless and are seen as real monuments to corruption.

Because even before the recognition that I was right in strictly everything I said and wrote, in the year of 2016, Enen chose a text of my own to include in the test. See the link below:

It was a reason for me to be very proud. Also in 2016 I learned that respectable schools in the capital of São Paulo used other articles of my own to apply tests to their high school students.

I am sure that my perseverance and knowledge, always pursuing the most legitimate interests of sport and athletes, combined with the tenacity of the Federal Public Ministry, contributed to dismantle a criminal organization that articulated itself around the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

And, if today athletes from Brazil can expect a better future, with greater participation in the decisions of their modalities, I know that I had an important contribution to this.

Life asks for courage.

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