“Low Bang In Brazilian Olimpism”.


Chronicle of journalist José Cruz.

A strange and obscure move, with very little repercussion in the press, involves the Olympic Committee of Brazil and raises suspicions about its electoral college in the next presidential election, in October.

Mauro Silva, candidate for vice president in the slate of Alberto Murray Neto, resigned to the dispute. Withdrawals are normal, but in this case, Mauro Silva resigned, suspiciously, after the deadline for registration of slates ended. With this attitude, the candidacy of Alberto Murray, who could no longer register another name to dispute the election, also made it impossible. It was an Olympic and explicit carpet pull …

Mauro, who presides over the boxing confederation, fled the democratic vote as a backyard film boxer, who gives up the fight in exchange for some money. Screw the fair play.

After all, how much is such a decision worth, in keeping with the “Olympic spirit”? I do not mean the financial advantage, as I do not believe that the deserter has sold his candidacy. So, what advantage did Mauro Silva have in making a candidacy that proved to be strong in the dispute unfeasible?

Veteran in sports coverage and even after five years away from the daily chronicle, I am still appalled by such attitudes. Not surprisingly, the silence of the top hats, always interested in their own causes, but of the athletes who are part of the electoral college and, two of them, Emanuel Rego, from beach volleyball, and Robson Caetano da Silva, from athletics, candidates for vice in two of the three plates inscribed. Nobody hooted!

I remember that the Olympic movement is fully subsidized by public money, which also pays the large wages and perks of cartolage in general.

With this fact, the Olympic movement worsens its demoralized profile. As much as at the time of Carlos Nuzman, whose end we all know.

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