Morality Shock

One of the most serious issues facing the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) is the lack of private sponsorship. This is directly linked to corruption cases involving Rio 2016, from the accusation of buying votes, to overpricing of works related to the Games. The lack of an Olympic legacy and a disastrous administration of CoRio, which left an unpayable debt, also contribute to the moral degradation of our Olympic Movement. Confederations, Athletes and sport in general, which were not to blame, pay the price for these messes. Rio 2016’s moral legacy is dark.

Our POSITIVE AGENDA FOR COB includes the search for private sponsorships for Confederations and Athletes. We have been talking to entrepreneurs who have already invested in sports and who, today, no longer do so. The arguments are very clear and obvious: “As long as there are no changes in the COB’s people and management methods, we will not risk investments”.

We have a very solid proposal in the marketing area, which is known to everyone. But we are also fully aware that as long as there is no profound change in the methods and people who administer the COB, however good the intentions, private resources will remain a long way off. Even after about two years after Nuzman’s arrest and resignation, the COB has been unable to raise even a penny from private sponsorship.

First of all, the COB needs a morality shock.

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