LAP Onlendings – Brazilian Olympic Committee – Confederations – Athletes –

LAP Onlendings – Brazilian Olympic Committee – Confederations – Athletes – Alberto Murray –

For years I have been advocating changes, clarity and transparency in the criteria for transferring funds from the Agnelo Piva Law to the Confederations. Meritocracy is important. However, to demand meritocracy from someone, it is necessary to provide conditions to achieve the expected performance.

Following up on the formulation of proposals for the relationship between COB, Confederations and Athletes, I present a few more points for reflection and debate:

  • The financial statements that the COB makes available to the Board of Directors, the Athletes’ Committee and the General Assembly have several gaps.
  • In addition, there is enormous difficulty in understanding information that should be made much clearer and more transparent, as recommended by good accounting and financial practices. For example, it is impossible to understand what criteria the COB uses to fix the transfer floor for each Confederation, which, I emphasize, is low in view of what is collected.
  • I am in favor of increasing the floor of each Confederation. It is possible to establish the same floor for each modality, higher than the one that, currently, the COB determines.
  • Currently, there is a distinction for the so-called “new Olympic modalities”, which have a different floor, 50% less than the value of the other Confederations, and with an extra aid, in the current proportion of 3,676% of the budget allocated to other Confederations. In view of this and imagining a scenario of falling lottery revenue (about 10%), these amounts may be automatically transferred from the “projects” item in favor of sports, without this depending on the discretionary power of the technical area of ​​the COB, of evaluate what is good for each Confederation. This proposal is in line with the first point of my Positive Agenda, which is “Autonomy for Confederations and Valuing Athletes”. Our method of distributing money should not be imposed by the COB board. On the contrary, it should be widely discussed with the Board of Directors and the Athletes’ Committee, as well as with all the members of the General Assembly. Each sport, each Athlete, knows what is best for them and for everyone. It is necessary to decentralize decisions and make them democratic, participatory and transparent.
  • The Board of Directors, integrated by the Athletes’ Commission, may also analyze and decide that the resources not used in 2,020, which according to the rules in force must be returned to the COB, are left entirely at the disposal of the Confederations, who may use them them in new projects, in the end activity, that is, for the benefit of the sport and the Athletes.
  • Our studies show that it is fully possible to expand transfers to the Confederations, without jeopardizing the activities of the COB itself. The equation “COB richer and Confederations with less money” is what has been happening year after year and what needs to be urgently changed. The resources allocated to the “projects” item cannot be distributed according to the technical and political criteria of the COB itself. That must change.
  • The spirit of the legislator when giving lottery resources to Olympic Sports was not to make COB the owner of that money. The money is always in each modality and the COB must function as a transfer and monitoring element of accountability.
  • Our studies also show that it is possible, legally and economically, the remuneration of the members of the Athletes’ Commission. This is a suggestion that I have also publicly defended and that is very fair.

I insist that a change is needed in the concepts that guide the administration of the COB, making it more airy, democratic, participatory, so that, effectively, there is Autonomy of the Confederations and Valorization of the Athletes.

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