First of all, I want to thank you for the countless supports that are manifested to us daily. Our working group has a serious, consistent, democratic work that will work. Our commitments made in the POSITIVE AGENDA are unshakable.

We will again point out some of them: (a) significantly increase the transfer floor for all Confederations. We have already stated that we do not agree with the equation “COB rich and CONFEDERATIONS not so much”. It is not acceptable for Confederations to reach the end of the year with difficulties to implement their projects and meet their obligations. Convictions must have political and financial autonomy; (b) to value the participation of ATHLETES in the administration of the COB, giving them a voice. Among the measures that are in the POSITIVE AGENDA are to give the Athletes Commission its own budget so that they can carry out their actions independently, without depending on the approval of the COB board. And remunerate the members of the CACOB, following the example of what the IOC intends to do; (c) respect the statutory attributions of the Board of Directors, whose primary function is to establish the parameters of action of the Olympic Committee, aiming, always, to obtain the best results; (d) the chairman of COB must not be the same as that of the Board of Directors in COB. This is a basic rule of good corporate governance practices. Our commitment is to follow this transparency rule. We know that, for this, a statutory amendment is necessary.

Once again, we ask everyone for their vote of confidence in our POSITIVE AGENDA. We are committed to a modern program of important changes in relations with Confederations and Athletes, which will be guided by respect and democracy.

COB is at the service of Confederations and Athletes. COB must be at their service. The resources of the Piva law are not for the COB. They belong to Confederations and Athletes.

We have a firm commitment to plural management, respecting the laws and COB procurement manual, transparent bids for everything. Our commitment to ethics is impregnable. We count on each one of you to implement the POSITIVE AGENDA.

Thank you.

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