Olympic Day Message – Alberto Murray

The Olympic Movement professes a message of peace. On Olympic Day, I greet all sportsmen in this great nation. I greet you for the reinvigoration of the ideal transformed into the legend of the Olympic Games, embodied in the objective of giving everyone an awareness of their responsibility in the universal complex.

Olympic Day expresses the spirit that characterizes athletes: tenacity alongside the ideal, the fearless struggle for the achievement of well-being, the union of peoples and the absolute unity of nations.

I greet sportsmen in Brazil, those who come from the north, northeast, midwest, southeast and south. That on Olympic Day the borders of the homelands are forgotten, that they are all heirs of the same faith and creed, with the common purpose of giving Sport the true meaning of its apostolate.

May the Olympic Spirit allow elevating human culture to the stage capable of justifying the respect of the world and leading science to culminations until then only accepted by the dream of visionaries, poets and literary.

That sport be believed as an instrument of peace.

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