Autonomy to Confederations and Valuing Athletes on a Permanent Basis – Alberto Murray Neto

The POSITIVE AGENDA that our working group made for the Olympic Committee of Brazil (COB) is the first document made in the history of the entity to be democratically debated with the sports community.

The POSITIVE AGENDA has eighty-three items. Items one to thirteen deal with what we deem most relevant: (a) autonomy to the Confederations; and (b) Valuing Athletes. Our intention, already announced, is to significantly expand the floor of transfers of funds to the Confederations, so that they can carry out their projects with ease. We already have studies in which these transfers can be greatly expanded without prejudice to the COB coffers. The money of Lei Piva is from the Confederations and its Athletes and the COB is only responsible for passing them on and taking care of the accountability. It is not fair for the rich COB and Confederations not so much, having to reach the end of the year with difficulties to conclude their actions.

With regard to Athletes, we have consistent projects during the competitive period and for life after the end of their careers. Among these projects, there is the incentive to the Institutes of former athletes, those that already exist, or those that may be created. These Institutes of Athletes, in addition to promoting social sport, are excellent stores of talent. In addition, our proposal includes the remuneration of Athletes who dedicate their time to the Athletes’ Committee. To the extent that Managers are fairly and correctly remunerated, Athletes must also be remunerated. Everyone is there to contribute to the Olympic Movement and there is money to pay everyone who works for it.

See that our POSITIVE AGENDA proposal contemplates a democratic, healthy relationship, with permanent support to create solid bases for the development of sport. We have to break with practices that consist of occasional support, which are made because of momentary interests, giving the expectation of receiving something in return. Our POSITIVE AGENDA is modern, innovative, founded on the IOC AGENDA 2020, which intends to inaugurate a new order in national sport, of dialogue, union, democracy and transparency. Yes, there are profound and marked differences between what our POSITIVE AGENDA advocates and what has been done at the COB in recent decades.

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