Piva Law and Confederations – Board of Directors of Brazilian Olympic Committee (“COB”).

I have always argued that the resources of the Lei Piva are to promote the Olympic modalities and, therefore, belong, in natura, to the Confederations, which will invest it in their Athletes. That is the spirit of the law. This money does not belong to COB. It is up to COB to review it and take care of accountability.

Our Positive Agenda, following consistency, advocates a substantial increase in the transfer floor for each Confederation.

This study has already been done and this is fully feasible. There is another issue that also deserves attention. If for any reason the Confederation in a given year does not use all resources, the balance for the subsequent year must continue to belong to that Confederation. It is not fair that if a Confederation does not use all resources it will be obliged to return it to the COB. This harms the sport and the Athletes. Therefore, resources eventually not used by the Confederations in one year, must remain at their disposal in the following year, without prejudice to what they will be entitled to receive in the future. This decades-old practice must be changed.

COB must be the home of Confederations and Athletes and always work on their behalf.

Another very important point is the decentralization of powers. As a modern and essential rule of democratic, corporate governance, the chairman of COB should also not be the chairman of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors must be valued and act independently, without facing any pressure.

Board of Directors is one thing and the Executive Board is another. They must always work in harmony, but respecting the prerogatives of each institute.

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