The Poluted Guanabara Bay, One Of The Offered Olympic Venues. Written By Marcelo Laguna. See The Interview With Torben Grael, Two Times Gold Medal At The Olympic Games.

Was it in the bid?   “In a given time of the race, we had garbage stuck to the boat, a very annoying situation. If it weren’t a short race as this, the correct would be to go backwards in order to loosen the garbage, but in the midst of a harbor regatta is clear that this was not feasible. For a city that wants to host the Olympic Games, the water of Guanabara Bay is not something nice show. ” Such words, which alone have significant adverse impact to Rio de Janeiro, which disputes the right to host the 2016 Olympic Games, have an even greater importance when the author is known: Torben Grael,  the Star class sailing Olympic champion in the Atlanta(96) and Athens(04) Games.
Torben’s criticism, soon after a race the Rio stage of the Volvo Ocean Race last weekend, should serve above all as a warning to the waves of patriotism that will begin to emerge in the coming months which will end in October 2, when the choice of the 2016 Games’host in Copenhagen, Denmark. With the start of provincial visits by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to the four candidates, known “campaign strategies” will start popping up here and there trying to praise for the most what is beautiful and hide at all costs what’s not attractive.  

On Tuesday, for example, at the end of the visit to Chicago, the IOC commission spared no adjectives, classifying the application as “strong and impressive.” Coincidentally, the effects of the global crisis in the U.S. have not even been cited. The coordinators of the Tokyo bid disclosed that the Japanese capital is the more qualified to host the Games due to historical, economic and environmental reasons. Madrid has the declared support of former IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch. .. And the Rio campaign, which in its dossier submission has heavily invested in the “Wonderful Town” concept, certainly can not be proud of the Guanabara Bay, after the harsh words of Torben Grael. Contrary to what once said the former mayor Cesar Maia, beauty is not always fundamental.


 The cleaning of the Guanabara Bay was part of the so-called “legacy of the Pan(American games)”. Needless to say that nothing was done. Incidentally, why is that TCU has not released the report on the accountability of the 2007 Pan(American Games)?

 Coluna Diário Esportivo, publicada na edição de 10 de abril do Diário de S. Paulo

Por Marcelo Laguna


                       the polluted Guanabara Bay, in Rio

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Um comentário em “The Poluted Guanabara Bay, One Of The Offered Olympic Venues. Written By Marcelo Laguna. See The Interview With Torben Grael, Two Times Gold Medal At The Olympic Games.

  1. Caro Alberto,
    Sou correspondente do portal Terra RJ e estamos fechando uma matéria hoje, 29/09, sobre a realização dos Jogos no aqui no Rio. Gostariamos de ouvir sua opinião a respeito. Você poderia entrar em contato comigo ou me mandar seu número para meu email,por gentileza?

    Obrigado por sua atenção.

    Abs, Mariana Canedo


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