Some IOC Members Granted That They Will Not Change Votes For Friendship.

About one week ago, the number 1 protocol IOC Member Dr. João Havelange mentioned at TV Bandeirantes that he would control 20 votes, at least, of the voters. And listed some names that would have responded to him saying that their votes would go with him due to a “longstanding friendship.”. From the TV it immediately went through all written Brazilian press. And then to the international press, which reported the facts worldwide.

I took the liberty of writing to some of the Members listed by Dr. João Havelange. No doubt Havelange is a respected IOC Member due to his history in that entity. However, giving the vote to repay Friendship and personal favors is something that can be called outrageous. Votes shall be given after carefully studying all the bid dossies and going for the most safe and technical one, I would say the most consistent proposal.  Otherwise, the Olympic choice will have no credibility whatsoever. Members have to think firts in the Atlhetes and in the fans. Not in their personal Friends. And this is aim of the changes ocurred after Salt Lake City elections.

Two of the Members, that I know for a long time, were very polite in their answers and said that Friendship will not interefere in their votes and that probably their responses were misinterpreted by the destinatary. The response, according to them, in any moment demonstrade the vote for one, or another City. One of them also tells me that he/she has Friends in all Candidate Cities.

I told the two Members that I was going to publish the contents of their responses, without disclosing the names.

In order not to affect the image of the Olympics, it is fundamental that the votes go to the ones that each Member thinks is the best. Otherwise, it would be only a Friendship competition, of who has more favor to be repaid.

The Executive Board of the IOC cannot simply ignore these facts.

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