Games Bid Today: Fraudulent Anti Chicago 2016 Website Traced To Rio de Janeiro,

Fraudulent Anti-Chicago 2016 Website Traced To Rio

Friday, September 25, 2009 9:17pm EDTGB Editor

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Earlier this week, reported that website is backed by a group of Chicagoans who don’t want to see the Olympic Games come to Chicago .  This may be true – but only if those Chicagoans are in Rio de Janeiro. has discovered evidence through emails, web forum posts and web server logs that indicate promoters of this site are likely based in a city that’s Chicago’s biggest rival for the 2016 Olympic Games – Rio.

While the true identity of the individuals or group involved remains unknown, and there is no evidence to suggest a connection with the Rio bid committee, the professional and organized effort seems to be a deliberate ploy to sabotage Chicago 2016.

A representative of the Organization wrote in an email that “hundreds have submitted e-mails to the IOC, and one IOC office sent a response that said, ‘We’ve been bombarded. You’ve made your point.’” 

IOC Director of Communications Mark Adams denied this was the case.

“As far as I know there is absolutely no truth in this story” Adams told

When told the IOC’s position, the representative wrote “we understand the pessimism that comes with anonymity.  Emails from the site are being sent to the email addresses we were able to confirm.  There are roughly 20.  Many are connected to specific countries’ olympics offices.”

A webmaster of the Forums server examined various posts in a topic about the new site after they failed a routine compliance check.  He found that a new member had taken on the persona of a Chicagoan who was against her city’s bid and then continued as a cheerleader for the site in question.  Server logs indicated that the member’s computer connecting to the forum website was located in Rio.

But suspicion piqued after discovering another member who appeared somewhat pro-Chicago in his initial post before starting the topic linking to  That member connected from the same computer address in Rio as the “cheerleader”.  That activity violated the terms and conditions of the Forums because it indicates the likelihood that a single person is using more than one alias to deceive readers.

After examining the server logs, timelines and emails between the group representative and – it was concluded that the site is a fraud.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the group has remained completely anonymous – even refusing to talk by telephone to reporters; a very odd behaviour for a protest group.

Further research shows the group used bogus information in their web domain registration using the name “anonymous” with the address “111 go away”.  However they did disclose, whether falsely or not, that they were based in San Francisco.  The domain was registered on March 19 this year.

The professionally developed Website uses facts and figures to try to cast a negative glow on the Games and it incorrectly suggests that “5 years after hosting, 21 of Athens’ 22 Olympic venues are unused”.  Today, many of Athens’ venues are fully utilized.

A talented Web designer could probably put this site together quickly and easily – but it would require some marketing skills to create the message it seems to deliver effectively.  It features a well-produced video of Chicagoans (we think, but who knows?) throwing their support to Rio – not something an inexperienced or unorganized group can easily create.

But the group’s representative said in an email “we’re a small group of private citizens that wanted to add a different perspective to the conversation”.

Despite all of the effort poured into the website, the representative admitted “…for publicity, it consisted of sending a link to 2 local websites.”

Perhaps that’s true – the story appeared online in Portuguese , on the Brazilian UOL website and complete with quotes from the organization the same day the story broke.

The true identity of the organization may be hidden in their online store that is hosted by popular – a do-it-yourself electronic storefront where you can sell clothing and gifts with your own design printed on it.  After all, somebody needs to receive the money – right?  But apparently, thought of this as well.  The shop states “Chicagoans For Rio is a non-profit disorganization. All items are at Cafe Press cost.”  It seems no money goes to the organization at all and the shop has likely been set up with false information as well.

After months of campaigning, the competitive four-way race seems to have boiled down to an impassioned battle between supporters of Chicago and Rio; this site being a clear example.  It will finally be decided by a vote of International Olympic Committee members in Copenhagen on October 2.

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25 comentários em “Games Bid Today: Fraudulent Anti Chicago 2016 Website Traced To Rio de Janeiro,

  1. That is such poor sportsmanship. Chicagoans have a lot of heartfelt feelings for the Olympics in Chicago. In addition to general support from the Chicagoans, many stars are also saying great things to spark even more Chicago 2016 buzz. To hear these stars’ interviews, please visit … To see your favorite stars like: Kate Walsh– Rachel Ray– George Lopez–


  2. It is sign that somebody, somewhere must be really desperate! This is a schocking sign of poor sportsmanship, I agree with Gianna!
    To resource to such low strategy is despicable!
    I live in Chicago and see that the people against the Games coming to this city are playing in the open and have even been in Lausanne to make their pledge known…
    Presidente Obama has managed to find an opening in his very busy agenda to be in Copenhaguen and support Chicago’s bid! The Chicago Delegation is full of very important businesspersons, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, et alia! These people have filled a flight and, as Governor Quinn, they are paying for all their expenses!!!!
    There is a group of true Brazilians who have been living here for more than 20 years that, despite their love for their Country, are against the games being hosted there. They know that their Country is indesperate need of housing, schools, hospitals, public transportation, etc and, above all, of making the people feel safe in their homes and in the streets!


  3. Ricardo, just like you I’m a Brazilian living in Chicago. I’m very proud of my country, but I do understand, just like you, that even though the country has been showing good economic performance even in this crisis environment, instead of spending money with the Olympic Games, we should increase our literacy rates, develop our health care system, and give our people REAL opportunities.

    However, people in Brazil use peer pressure to say that if one against an Olympics, one is either anti-patriotic or it because of state rivalry, pure “peer pressure”.

    Anyway, I hope that IOC members understand that Brazil is a beautiful country, but that we should have other priorities rather than filling our “inferiority complex” by showing the world how great we are and capable of hosting such events.


  4. There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.


  5. Rio is really a third world // hole…Poverty,slums and crime are evident nearly every place in the city. Hotels, roads, and the airport are horrible..Maybe 2020 or 2024..???


  6. 1) Philipp, já q vc é brasileiro, usemos o nosso belo idioma! Eu tb me orgulho de ser brasileiro, mas pelos motivos que realmente valem! não por essa patriotada oportunista que busca votos para 2010… Nosso crescimento economico (quer queiram ou não) se deve à manutenção da política economica do Pedro Malan! Nada recém-criado! graças a Deus, nos manteve no caminho menos prejudicial neste momento crise economica mundial!
    Essa discussão infantil a respeito de bairrismo desvia-se do cerne da questão: nem RJ, nem SP, nem Brasil!

    2)jcm: since i do not know whether you speak another language, Brazil is not a Third World hole: just glance towards Darfur or, better yet, take a train ride between Washington, DC and NYC… you’ll see the real USA just looking out of the windows… trains ride along areas which are not cut by the beautiful expressways…
    Quoting Juca Kfouri: yes, maybe 2020!


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