The Reasons Why Brazilian Olympic Committe Is Using To Justify My Opposition to Rio 2.016 Are False. They Fear Me Because I am Not Just Only One More Saying No To Rio. I Know Olympics And I Know What I Am Saying.

Chers Amies, Dear Friends, Estimados Amigos,
Clarifications Why I am Against the Brazilian Bid.
Brazilian NOC is justifying my position and my family’s position against the Games because I wasn not reelected to a new mandate at the Brazilian Olympic Committe and that I have personal motivations to do it.
This is  not the truth
The reason I was not reelected for the Brazilian NOC is because I started to oppose them long before the elections. Surely, as there is no space for democracy there, they did allow me to continue. For me it really does not make any difference. I am a Lawyer/Partner in one of the most respected Law Firms in Brazil ( and my money does not come out of safe of the Olympics. I live the Olympics based on its ideals and not for money.
I am the grandson of Major Sylvio de Magalhães Padilha (, who has been the most influent Brazilian Olimpist ever in the national and international scenario. He has been the first South American athlete to reach olympic finals in track and field, in Berlin, 1936. He has been president of PASO, Brazilian NOC for 27 years and member and Vice President of the IOC for almost 40 years. He literally built from scratch sports in Brazil.
We have a Sports Foundation that carries his name ( We give sports initiation and Olympic ideals for about forty pour people at Paraisópolis shantytown. One of our goals is to fight for a clean and honest Sports in Brazil. I must follow my grandfather’s heritage. And this fight is not only mine, but from many. Massive Brazilian press is against the Games in Brazil.
It is not true that the people from Rio 2016 displayed abroad the lawsuits that they are facing at the Federal Accounting Courts and at the Federal State Attrorney’s General’s Office on the Pan American games. I challenge them to show it in all the midia and to IOC members.
They have made up that I am opposing only out of greed, because I have not been reelected to the NOC. This is  not true. I started my oppositon much before, by writing articles and speaking to the Brazilian midia. My voice has had good repercusion (and they fear it), because I am not just anyone speaking against the Rio Olympics. I am someone whot knows a lot about Olympics and, morevover, carries my grandfather’s image behind me.
The motivation for me to be against Rio is, as mentioned above, I do not want to have another financial scandal in Brazil and the Pan Am Games are there to show how public funds have been mis-used. And because we are a poor country, which means that if this massive investment was done in social areas, including Sports, the country would benefit much more. I cannot believe that the IOC would buy the “emotional”, but empty, presentations that Brazil’s Bid is doing abroad. Just look at what has happened with the Pan Games, which resulted in none of the promised infra-structure constructions in the candidacy dossie was built. The PAC – program of the Brazilian Federal Government – is far behind schedule and only 7% of what should have been built by now is more or less ready. For instance, last week the deadline for companies to present their intentions to finance the stadiums for the World Cup ended. Not a single company showed up for the public auction. Again, COB is saying that for the Soccer World Cup to take place, huge sums of public money will be necessary.
I do not intend to  run for the presidency of the Brazilian NOC. I support Lars Grael, who you probably know. In any event, people from Brazilian NOC changed the by-laws in the sense that no one that has been elected for at least five years in sequence, for one of the seats of the NOC can run for President and Vice-President. I also fight against it, because Brazilian NOC is fully supported by public money. Therefore, this clause goes against the Brazilian Constitution. They cannot prevent any Brazilian to run for these positions, as long as the Brazilian people pays the NOC’s bills. If you look in the internet, you will see how the most recent election of Nuzman has been conducted. All, really all press, were against the dictatorial means that he used to call the elections.
Both Noc President and the Minister of Sports were affraid of openly and democractily debate with me the subject of Olympic    Sports at the Brazilian Senate. It can be seen in the internet and at the youtube. After my speach, there were enough  signatures to start a Parlamentary Comission to investigate the Olympic Sports in Brazil. NOC  lobbyied not to start it before October, because it “could impair the image of the candidacy”. You may also speak with some members of Congress, such as Senators Cristovam Buarque, Arthur Virgilio, Alvaro Dias and Representatives Silvio Torres, Miro Teixeira, among others.
The NGO Organization called Athletes For Citizienshp also file and document asking for the investigation of Olympic Sports by the National Congress. I have it in my Olympic Blog. This NGO is formed by most famos and ethics Olympic Atlhets.
My reasons and motivations are the same ones as the press, the great majority of Atlhetes and of the people. Just by seeing the internet, you can see who is in which side, in favor, or against the current Olympic admnistration in Brazil.
I have a family tradition and a name to honor. I would not jeopardize my name in something that I do not believe. I have been already to 10 Olympic Games at the age of 43 year old. Olympics is something that I have learned from the beggining of my life and I try to follow it as way of life.
I also suggest you to contact other key people at Brazilian Sports press, at Folha de São Paulo, O Estado de São Paulo, ESPN Brasi, CBN Radio, O Globo Newspaper, Jornal do Brasil Newspaper, Correio Brazilianse Newspapersl (where I also have an Olympic blog at who I am and about my motivations.
I thank you for the attention you are giving me and I will always be at your disposal for anything.
Best regards.

Alberto Murray Neto
Socio / Partner
Av. Paulista, 1499 – 13º andar 01311-928 – São Paulo – SP Brasil
Telefone: +55 11 2198 7400 / Telecopier: +55 11 2198 7401


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