Government Prepares Check Mate For The “Nuzman Era”, Says The Jorunalist Carlos Eduardo Vicel, At Gazeta Esportiva.Net

Government Prepares check-mate for the “Nuzman era”,says newsman Carlos Eduardo Vicel.

September 4, 2009

Sports policy

Study indicates the end of the re-election in sports confederations and accountability of productivity from those who receive public funds.

Carlos Nuzman has been 15 years in the head of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB). Re-elected, through not so clear and honest means at the end of last year, the president remains in office until at least December 31, 2012, after the London Olympics. If he is willing, he may yet seek a new mandate, the fifth in a row.

The long stay of Nuzman – and “cartolas” of other confederations – has raised suspicions from the Federal Government. For months, the Presidential Palace, through the Ministry of Sports (ME), seeks alternatives to put an end to the sports’ dynasties . The study has been completed and now sits on the desk of President Lula. It should be announced on October 2, the same day as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) hits the hammer between Rio de Janeiro, Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo to host the 2016 Olympics – the intention is to join the party for the expected victory of Brazil for detailing the moralizing package.

 “We will get there. We and Chicago”, said Wadson Ribeiro, executive secretary of the ME. The politician was yesterday in Curitiba for the swearing of Ricardo Gomyde, former president of Paraná Sports (state authority), as Secretary for the special office headed by Orlando Silva Ribeiro. Ribeiro revealed details of the plan, which can be forwarded to Congress as a Bill or edited in the form of a Provisional Ordinance. The government intends to generate a “management shock” in the confederations, limiting the number of re-elections (the idea being to allow only one), four-year term and accountability for productivity. “Things will be revised in order to draw the focus on growth. If Rio is chosen as Olympic host, we want to be among the ten best countries in the medals table. We push harder”, said the secretary, “The confederations have to be more open, have managing boards who work with more transparency and publicity”.

 The ace-in-the-hole of the President for dealing with subjects referring to the routine of private organizations is the amount of public money fed yearly into the safes of the BOC e its satellite confederations. According to Ribeiro, the 2009 transfer will hit at around $ 80 million, including sponsorship (Post Office, Bank of Brazil, etc..) and funding from the Law Agnelo/Piva, which destines 2% of the collection of lotteries to the BOC. “It’s hard to swallow, but we’ll buy it. Anyone willing to continue receiving subsidies from the Government must adjust to the new rules”, said the politician, who will take over the ME, next year, when Orlando Silva quits to run for office as a  Representative for the State of São Paulo in Congress, will take over the ME.

There will also be in the package of rules a topic on the Athlete Scholarship. The government will create a new modality in the program, named Golden Athlete.
“The candidates for medals, besides receiving a monthly government stipend (@ $ 2,500 for the best), may also seek help from the private sector”, said Ribeiro, rejecting any possibility of changing the Law Agnelo/Piva – the BOC is trying to increase the percentage to 2.5%. “We will not accept,” he adds.

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