Olympic Bids For 2016. A Letter Written And Sent To The Sports Community In The World.

Dear Olympic Fans;

Dear IOC Members;

Dear Friends From the International Press;

Dear Members of the 2016 Olympic Bids;

First of all I thank you for the continued following up to my Olympic Blog, which the growth of audience has been increasing every day.

I am happy with the results of the Blog, not only in Brazil, but also abroad.

I have been frequently writing to all of you about the current situation of the Brazilian Olympic Mouvement, by sending you reports and evidences of all. Recently, all of you have received a copy of the tv documentary showed by ESPN Brazil about the real and concrete status of the Brazilian Olympic Sports.

I had thanked to the Chicago people who responded to me by attesting the receipt of my reports and of the ESPN tv documentary, what has been largely commented in a recent luncheon held in that City.

I thank to Madrid Universidad Autonona people, who I will meet with me in Sao Paulo, for an interview, in the next few days.

Now I thank  to my Japonese Friends that just published in a local newspaper my fight to moralize the Brazilian Olympic Sports, highlitghning the main points of the matter.

My family has always had a special and close relationship with the Japanese Sports Community. My beloved grandfather, Major Sylvio de Magalhães Padilha, was the first sportsman to receive in Brazil a Japonese delegation after the war, in the early fifties, by bringing to our Country the best Japonse swimmers to travel around the State of São Paulo. My grandfather was a man worried with sports and not money. To bring the Japanese delegation to Brazil after the war, he challenged the Dictator Getulio Vargas and opposing the order of the President of the Republic, he raised the Japanese flag and played the Japanse anthom in all places where the “Swimmers Fishes” presented theirselves in State of Sao Paulo. It was the beggining of the base sports in Brazil. He created and diretecd for many years the Physical Education Sports Department of State of Sao Paulo. Them, he was the first foreigner after the war to travel to Japan and receive from the hands of the Emperror, the most distinguished medal of that Government, as all of you can see at the website http://www.sylvliodemagalhaespadilha.com.br .

The Japanese people has been ever grateful for his attitude. He was a sportsman, honest and has never submitted the Brazilian Sports to any sort of Government pressure. In contrary, he fougth against the Government whenever it was necessary to defend the honorability of Sports. He opposed Dictator Getulio Vargas while he was still in the Brazilian army to deffend the sports clubs. He opposed, many year latter, a very bad politician called Paulo Salim Maluf, former Government of Sao Paulo, when he wanted to present the Sao Paulo bid for the Olympic Games. My grandfather denied to present the bid, publicly accused Maluf of demagogy and said that before having Olympic  Games in Brazil, we should resolve our basic social and sports problems.

I am very happy that my modest Blog is having such a good repercusion abroad.  And that recently a Japonese newspaper has mentuoned it in an article.

I am very much thankful to ESPN Brazil, who has given me the honor to host my Blog. ESPN Brazil, accompanied by the major specialized Brazilian Press, are playing a fundamental role to change the Brazilian Olympic Mouvement.

We are about to have the National Congress to install an investigation procedure to analyze the money involved in Brazilian Olympic Sports, as you all already know from my previous reports.

Lets keep fighting for what is right, for ethics and morality in Sports.

I am not a supporter of any of the bids in particular. But I am, clearly and openly, against the Rio de Janeiro 20016 Bid, for all reasons already explained and evidenced to you.

The other day I was honored to receive a letter from the Office of the President of the CIO, in which he also aknowledged receipt my frequent reports.

Lets continue the fight, for the good of the Sports and of the real Olympic Ideals.

With my very best personal regards.

Alberto Murray Neto


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  1. Nice, very nice!


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